Circuit Designing Contest

Electronics and Communication Engineering is a discipline where non-linear active electrical components are utilized to design electronic devices and appliances. With time, there is a tremendous effort being made in reducing the size of all electronic components there by reducing the overall size of the appliance or device. Hence the current trend in electronics is VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration) that focuses on miniaturising the devise size.

At H. K. E. Society’s S. L. N. College of Engineering, we put our efforts in training the students on the current requirements of the industry. Keeping in view, the same, the department has organised a competition for the students of sixth semester, based on their curriculum subject “VLSI Design”. The contest was designed keeping in view the curriculum and the student’s interest. The contest is actually a part of the series planned for the department students which comprises of four contests in all. This is the first contest to begin with.

The Department of Electronics and Communication conducted a designing contest on 13th March 2020 between 9.30am to 10.30am. More than 30 students participated in the contest which was conducted by Prof. Smita C. Chetti and coordinated by Prof. Omkar Yatgal, Prof. Shilpa Patil and Prof. Jyoti B. K.

The students were asked to design MOS circuits and draw fabrication details. After the contest, the designs were evaluated by the event in-charge staff and coordinators along with the Head of the Department Dr. V. M. Viswanatha. The winners were decided and recorded. The details of the winners will be announced shortly after the contest series is completed.