Computer Science and Engineering

Department of Computer Science and Engineering was started in the year 1994 with an intake of 45 under Gulbarga University, Kalaburgi.

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Faculty Details:

Sl.No. Name Qualification Designation Experience
1 Vallabha Kumar M.Tech. Associate Prof. 30
2 Sumangala Itagi M.Tech. Asst. Prof 22
3 Renuka Devi M.Tech. Asst. Prof 22
4 Geetha S B M.Tech. Asst. Prof 18
5 Vijaya Kumari G M.Tech.(PhD) Asst. Prof 14
6 Suresh Patel M.Tech. Asst. Prof 9
7 Rajkumar Innani Asst. Prof 12
8 Geetha N. M.Tech. Asst. Prof 11
9 Sujatha J. M.Tech. Asst. Prof 12
10 Veeresh B M.Tech. Asst. Prof 9
11 Jyothi N. M.Tech.(PhD) Asst. Prof 5
12 Satish Kumar M.Tech. Asst. Prof 2

Infrastructure details :

Sl.No. Name of the Lab No. of PCs Equipments/Softwares
1 Lab 1 20 (15 Core i5 and 5 Core i3) 20 (15 Core i5 and 5 Core i3) HP multimedia Systems.
Softwares installed :
Turbo C++
Python IDE
VMware to run FEDORA OS
NET BEANS for Java.

20 Core i3/i5 PCs
Canon LBP 2900B laser printer.
100mbps switch.
UPS available.
2 split AC available

2 Lab 2 20 (Core i3) 20 HP core i3 multimedia systems with LED monitors. Also used for LANGUAGE LAB.
Softwares installed :

Canon LBP 2900b Laser printer.
2 split ACs with 100mps and 1gbps switch.

3 Lab 3 17(Core i3) 17 HP core i3 with LED monitors.
Softwares installed :
MS visual studio
NS2 simulator
Turbo C .

Lab equipped with projector.
100mps switch.
UPS available.

4 Lab 4 20(Dual Core) 20 LENOVO DUAL CORE systems.
2 window ACs .
100mbps switch.
1 HP M1136MFP Scanner/Printer available
Softwares installed are Xilinx and Turbo C.
5 Lab 5 15 (Dual Core) 15 LENOVO dual core systems.
Software installed are Xilinx , Multisim,Turbo C .
100mbps switch available.
6 Lab 6/ Computer Center/ E-Shikshana Kendra 15(Dual Core) 15 Lenovo dual core Systems.
A-VIEW software for online lectures/interaction.
Turbo C,C++.
1 Projector, 5.1 Channel speaker,1 Logitech conference camera/mic/speaker.
1 window AC.
100mbps switch.
7 ADE Lab 1 1 Pentium 4 System for interfacing.
2 CROs,Function Generators, Signal generators and other necessary tools.

*Lab Sharing with Electronics and communication department.