Electronics and Communication Engineering

The department of Electronics and Communication Engineering was eshtablished in the year 1984 with an intake of 60 students for UG programme. The faculty strength of the department is 12, including 1 professor,2 Associate Professors,9 Assistant Professors. Our 2 faculties have completed their Ph.D’s in the area of Embedded System and Image Processing. 1 faculty is persuing his PhD at VTU, Belagavi. The department has two supervisors recognized by VTU,Belagavi.

The department has aquired expertise in the area of VLSI design, Wireless Communication and networks, Image Processing , Testing and Verification of VLSI Design, Digital Signal Processing and Embedded System Design. State-of-the-art laboratories have been setup in the department for UG programme and are well equiped with computational facilities and resources both in terms of hardware and software as per AICTE/VTU requirements.

The department has 11 major laboratories namely Analog Elec. and Circuits lab,Digital Elec. Lab,Communication/LIC lab, Microprocessor lab,DSP Lab,HDL lab, Embedded controller lab,Advanced Communication lab, CCN lab, VLSi lab, Basic Electrical engg. lab. Also we have seperate lab for the Project work. The department has successfully completed KSCST and VTU sponsored projects.

The new Reasearch center was applied and inspected on 11 Dec. 2018 by Local Inspection Committe,VTU,Belagavi. And the permission was granted in September 2019.Click for more details.

Department regularly encourages students to partcipate in the various workshops,seminars,paper presentations and other curricular and cultural activities. We also encourage faculties to conduct and participate in the various workshops,seminars,International/National conferences and paper presentations,etc.

Sl.No. Name Qualification Designation Experience
1 Dr. V.M.Viswanatha M.Tech., PhD Professor & I/C HOD 32
2 Rachamma Patil M.Tech Associate Professor 23
3 Dr. Vishwanath P. M.Tech., PhD Associate Professor 20
4 Smita Chetti M.Tech. Asst. Prof. 16
5 Sangamesh H. M.Tech.(PhD) Asst. Prof. 14
6 Vijayarani Katkam M.Tech. Asst. Prof. 12
7 V.K. Jalihal (M.Tech.) Asst. Prof. 14
8 Omkar Yatgal M.Tech. Asst. Prof. 8
9 Jyoti M.Tech. Asst. Prof. 5
10 Shilpa Patil M.Tech. Asst. Prof. 5
11 Chetana Patil M.Tech. Asst. Prof. 2