Founder Of H.K.E Soceity

Promoting Education is a field where Service outweighs all other achievements like popularity, status and monitory gains. A few can sacrifice their personal life for the welfare of Public. A splash of light in the sky, clouds gather and rains downpour to bring green to mother earth. The education thirsty Hyderabad Karnataka region found a cloud in the form of Sri. Mahadevappa Rampure who showered the land by establishing a Society with deep roots of social service. The Spread of education in the backward districts like Gulbarga , Raichur and Bidar was an uphill task for anybody. Sri. Rampure , in 1958 founded HKE Society at Gulbarga which made a modest beginning. In a Span of thirteen years, as President of the Society, he ensured that the education became common man’s reach.

He had dreams of uplifting the poor by educating them and spared his whole life for realizing those dreams. He strongly loved ethics and morality and never made education commercial or started institutions just for churning out graduates. He took motherly care for students and made them feel as responsible citizen of future India. The alumni of HKE Society are found in all walks of life and in all parts the world chairing key positions. That is the Stamp of Sri. Rampure and result of his dynamism and forethinking.

Today Society runs nearly half a century of institutions in Karnataka , from basic education to Doctoral Course. We owe a lot to Founder President Sri. Rampure for sowing a seed , which has now become a tree of unmatchable value.

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