Publishing a News Letter will open up a new communication line within the society.
The periodical will create a healthy competition among the colleges to excel each other and to showcase themselves.
Work and worth of sincere people will see the light of the day.
The Chairman and the Governing Council will be able to glance through the performance of each college.
The society can chronicle its events in continuity.
The News Letter will allow you to expand your reach to an extended audience.
The News Letter will let a person to stay connected with the Institute even after they move out of it.
More than one News Letter can be launched to connect up with the Alumni, Members, Prospective Students, Faculty, Staff and Current Students.

1.     HKES’s SLN College of Engineering Newsletter (Volume 1)–                 Click here

2.     HKES’s SLN College of Engineering Newsletter (Volume 2)–                 Click here

2.     New Issue of Newsletter on Admissions to HKE Society colleges–      Click here

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